Riviera Owners Australian Region

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The R.O.A. ( Riviera Owners Association ) Australian Region is dedicated to the Riviera models from 1963 to 1999 owned by Australians.

The 2019 ROA Nationals meet will be held in Adelaide SA From October 17-20th of October for more information contact the below co-ordinators or the SA organizers Direct Grahame and Terry line Email; gtline@bigpond.com – Grahame; 0427 674224

The Australian ROA Region publishes a very informative bi-monthly newsletter, edited by John Forster, which is e-mailed to all Australian ROA members free of charge please find links to these RIVIEWS above.

To find out more about the ROA you can contact the Australian National Co-ordinator     Tom Kunek – Email; riv@netspace.net.au – Phone; 039 877 3718                              Linda Hall QLD Co -ordinator, Email; lindamh4@bigpond.com – Phone 07 3829 2222 John Forster ROA Newsletter editor – Email; laurenejohn@bigpond.com               -Phone; 07 3282 5544

The Australian Riview have now opened a new email address; ausriview@gmail.com Please send all correspondence to this email address.Make sure you spell RIVIEW correctly when emailing information.

To join the ROA just go to the ROA web site : www.rivowners.org  and click on the “Membership/renewal “page.

Australian ROA members are always welcome at the ROA International Meet held in the USA each year.  This year the event will be held at Williamsburg, VA from 27 June to 1 July.  It’s a great event and a great chance to see some lovely Rivieras from all over the USA, and of course, meet their very friendly owners.